There are many types of audits that a business may encounter during the year. In addition to tax audits, businesses also need to deal with Insurance, Union and Labor audits. Del Rey, Tanzi, Guglietta, D’Ambrosi, CPAs, LLP can work with the respective auditors to help minimize any impact these audits may have on your business.

Tax audits can be an intimidating, overwhelming and a negative experience. Tax audits are triggered in different ways either by random selection, an obvious omission of income, overstating deductions or another party may have notified the governmental agency of your negligence. Regardless of how it happened, we will take the lead and guide you each step of the way and be the auditor’s main point of contact. We will address the concerns raised by the auditor, bring them to a conclusion, then work with you to put proper processes and safeguards in place to reduce the risk of a future audit.

Regulations are getting more complex, so let’s discuss how we can help you operate your business confidently and efficiently so you can stay in compliance and minimize your exposure to any future audit.

What may we help you with? Please send us an email or call (718) 667-1500. We look forward to speaking with you.