Del Rey, Tanzi, Guglietta, D’Ambrosi, CPAs, LLP is a full service accounting firm that works with businesses throughout the East Coast and beyond.

DTGD assists clients in four main areas:

  • Financial Statement services,
  • Tax preparation services,
  • Management advisory services, and
  • Accounting services.

The combination of these services provide our clients with a broad scope of professional assistance which is needed to help you assess and grow your business.

We’ll be as involved as you like throughout the whole process, whether you would need us for a one-time overview or as a permanent part of your financial team – we’re a full-service CPA firm for all your tax and accounting needs. We work with many industries, such as medical, real estate, construction, restaurants, and automotive, to name a few, so we can handle all that is asked of us.

DTGD is the trusted resource you need. Together, we can help you gain peace of mind that your tax and accounting compliance issues are not being ignored.

What may we help you with? Please send us an email or call (718) 667-1500. We look forward to speaking with you.