Dolores Bournos - Del Rey, Tanzi, Guglietta, D'Ambrosi, CPAs, LLP - Accounting Firm Staten Island NY

Forty plus years ago, Dolores Bournos joined Del Rey, Tanzi, Guglietta, D’Ambrosi, CPAs, LLP, formerly known as Del Rey & Company LLP, formerly known as Spinelli & Company LLP. Dolores started her part-time job and was promised “20 hours a week, tops”. That since has grown into a full time career.

Dolores’ position as Office Manager has been the constant connection and resource for so many of our clients over the years, most of which she considers dear friends and we can attest to the fact, the feeling is mutual. Dolores is a vital member of the team at Del Rey, Tanzi, Guglietta, D’Ambrosi, CPAs, LLP. She often will say that “retirement is not in my vocabulary” and we are better for it.